About Me

Ahmed Mushtaq is a freelance professional photographer, guitarist and a writer. He is currently pursuing his studies in Public Administration from Nust Business School in Islamabad, Pakistan. Using his Nikon D5000 DSLR camera as a substitute for his eyes, he is aiming to look at this world with a different perspective.

“My favorite photo is the one I am going to take tomorrow!”

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ahmed – Thanks for the message and saying such nice things about my Photo Blog posts! I am a retired school headteacher and lowly amateur photographer who is also new to blogging and would love to be professional now that I have the time!

    Actually, I really enjoyed looking at your smashing photographs and I look forward to seeing more in future!

    I don’t really have any magic tips to produce great photographs but I can suggest the following basics that I work to:

    a) I make sure that I have a thorough knowledge of the facilities of whatever camera I am using at the time.
    b) Wherever I go, and I usually go to places I want to photograph, I look carefully at everything. I look at buildings, people, shapes, colours, textures and the quality of light. I then photograph what I personally like, as I would like to see it! There will always be other people who like what you shoot too!
    c) I always compose my pictures in the viewfinder as I would want them to look in print. In low light I use a tripod.
    d) I process my images using photo editing software. In most photographs, I use this to straighten perspective (When we look with our eyes, say at a forest of trees, or a set of buildings, we see them all vertical. When we take a photograph, the trees or buildings in the middle remain vertical but the ones to either side will slope in towards the middle. Adjusting perspective brings the image back to what the eye actually sees). I usually also make rotational adjustment so that the horizon is horizontal unless I have deliberately decided to have it on a slant. These two adjustments can make a huge difference between producing ‘snapshots’ and really good photographs! I then make a final crop and save!

    That’s about it really and I am sure it is knowledge you already have! Isn’t it funny how many photographers also play guitar? I do and I know of many others! Anyway, I will follow your future posts with interest!

    Best wishes – John

    • Thank you so much for these tips John .. I am sure they will help a lot in my photography in the future .. And don’t say that you are a lowly amateur photographer .. If you love what are doing and really want to learn, that is enough professional for it .. And from your pictures, you really are a very good photographer .. And about the guitar, yes I do know some musical instruments .. I can play the guitar really well and keyboard a little bit ..
      And about photo-editing software, I know how to use photoshop .. And my next post might be about how you can change a simple picture with these editing variations .. Till then .. Regards..
      P.S. Your photography is awesome !! πŸ™‚

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