“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older”

Around 3 months back, I went to my village .. Its on outskirts of the second largest desert of Pakistan, Thal and on the bank of River Jhelum .. It takes around an hour from Jhang to reach this place .. So my lil cousins were playing with me, messing up my hair and everything so I thought, why not click these moments (Although I don’t have a pic in which they are messing up my hair) .. So I picked up my camera and started a model shoot for the kids !! They didn’t know much about posing so I  started telling them to make some funny poses !! And trust me, I got some of the best clicks ever from these lil guys !!

The Below pic : So I was taking pictures of them and he wanted to go pee .. But I didn’t let him go .. And trust me , after a while he had to run to the toilet to stop himself from peeing in his pants .. 😛 😛

The below pic : Ali Ahmed was really happy about his new bicycle so the moment I entered his home, he was like I got a new bike .. And this makes me remember my own childhood that whenever my parents bought me something, it was always the best gift ever.. And the urge to show other friends and kids that I have this new toy is always overwhelming..


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