Heaven on Earth !!

A tourist's Heaven

The town of Nathiagali is one of the most picturesque  hill-station for photography. Famous for its scenic beauty and various different species of birds and animals, it is a 35 km drive from both Abbottabad and Murree.

All these pictures are from last year during a trip to Nathiagali and Abbottabad ..

For the first pic, I had to climb a cliff to reach this beautiful view .. And trust me, it was worth it ..

Most of these picture are taken when the car was moving ..  For the first pic, I had to climb a little cliff to reach this beautiful view .. And trust me, it was worth it ..

The above picture captures a glimpse of the terrain of Murree/Nathiagali area.. Some of these shots were very difficult to capture because the lightning conditions were very low and I didn’t have my proper camera  equipment with me but still the shots came out great .. And I am really happy with the results..

On these roads, land sliding is very common .. And we also became a part of it .. I mean, of course, not literally or I would not have been writing right now .. But still, this happened around half an hour before we reached this place .. Its on the road from Nathiagali to Abbottabad ..

And this picture was taken from a hotel in Kalabagh, Murree .. We were getting late from our schedule but still stopped for some Pakistani food on the way ..

8 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth !!

  1. Amazing man … Really Nice first looks … Nice Logo … Everything Nice … Luved it … Keep It up and keep me updated for me to keep liking it ….
    Luved it

    • Oh thats awesome !! I don’t find many people who have been here !! 😛 You know because of the terrorism and all .. How was your stay ?? You should have come to the main cities in the Punjab province like Lahore or Islamabad .. They are way way better than Karachi in terms of … Everything 😛 !!

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